Melissa Erin Jackson

Editing Services

Melissa Eric Jackson

Melissa loves helping other writers polish their manuscripts. She has a soft spot for all things supernatural, and YA manuscripts of every flavor. She's known in her critique groups as someone who offers “nitpicky edits of doom,” but does so with the hope of bringing clarity to both her critique partner’s writing and the overall story. (And they keep coming back for more, so it can’t be that bad.) In her critiques, she's prone to making tons of comments, keeping an open dialogue going with the writer. Fantasy, paranormal, and mysteries are her wheelhouse, but she's open to all genres except for non-fiction. She loves immersive world-building, twisty mysteries, and heart-pounding thrillers.

Her favorite authors include Leigh Bardugo, Tana French, Neal Shusterman, Victoria Schwab, Suzanne Collins, Marissa Meyer, JK Rowling, Maggie Stiefvater, and Melina Marchetta.

Preferred genres/audience: Young adult, middle grade, new adult, fantasy, mystery, supernatural, and paranormal.

Specialties: Developmental edits, query letters, synopses.

If you’re interested in editing services, please wander over yonder.